Viewing Guide for the 2022 World Figure Skating Championship

Viewing Guide for the 2022 World Figure Skating Championship

The Msn Bet ทางเข้า 2022 World Figure Skating Championships are planned to start one week from now. As the last significant occasion, the Worlds will really stamp the finish of the figure skating season. The current year’s opposition will occur in France without precedent for 10 years.

With the Winter Olympics likewise being held for this present year, a large number of the top professional skaters are probably going to miss Worlds. Continuous world occasions have prompted the International Skating Union (ISU) prohibiting competitors from Russia and Belarus. With many top stars constrained out of the opposition, the entryway is open for new stars to arise.

In spite of missing probably the best skaters, the 2022 World Figure Skating Championship ought to in any case bring a lot to the table. With awards and prize cash on the line, the opposition will be savage. Continue to peruse for more data about the most lofty ISU Figure Skating Championship.

Where Will the 2022 World Figure It Be Held to Skate Championships?
Likewise with some high-profile world occasions, the World Figure Skating Champions are planned a long time ahead of time. In 2019, it was declared that the opposition would head Montpellier, France for the 2022 Worlds. France has not been the host city for Worlds starting around 2012.

The French have facilitated the opposition previously, yet it is whenever that Montpellier first will be the host city. Situated in southern France, Montpellier has a rich history tracing all the way back to the fourteenth hundred years.
The celebrations will start on March 21st and go through the 27th.

When Did the World Figure Skating Championships Start?
The ISU was initially shaped in 1892 and has been the administering body for cutthroat ice skating from that point onward. Other overseeing associations have endeavored to spring up throughout the long term yet they have been ineffective. At present, almost 100 nations are individuals from the ISU.

Subsequent to shaping in 1892, the ISU held the main World Figure Skating Championship in 1896. The first rivalry just had male contenders. Madge Syers turned into the primary lady to contend at Worlds in 1902. She procured a silver award regardless of going up against male contenders.

Sets of Figure Skaters on the Ice

The ISU laid out the primary ladies’ just contest in 1906, which Syers won. After two years, the ISU laid out the main matches contest. Every one of the three rivalries wouldn’t show up at a similar occasion until the 1930 World Figure Skating Championship. Ice moving wouldn’t be added to the opposition until 1952.

All through many years, Worlds has gone through many changes. Nonetheless, it has stayed one of the most established and most lofty contests. In the realm of serious ice skating, just the Winter Olympics is regularly viewed as more significant.

Who Is Competing at the 2022 Figure Skating World Championship?
The Worlds are a yearly occasion and are normally the main occasion of the figure skating season. Notwithstanding, with the Winter Olympics additionally occurring recently numerous contenders will be feeling the loss of this current year. For example, the two top men’s professional skaters, USA’s Nathan Chen and Japan’s Hanyu Yuzuru, have proactively removed. Their nonappearance will open the entryway for a first-time frame Worlds’ hero in quite a while’s single contest.

Chen reported his withdrawal this week, refering to an annoying physical issue. He is a three-time World Champion and won the gold decoration at the 2022 Winter Olympics. Chen will be supplanted by Camden Pulkinen. Pulkinen will join Vincent Zhou and Ilia Malinin in the US group.

Japan’s Hanyu Yuzuru is likewise out in the wake of experiencing a physical issue finally month’s Winter Olympics. Chen and Yuzuru have won the last four Worlds contests. No other male rival in the field has a success, so the 2022 Worlds will highlight a first-time champion.
The ISU restricted Russian and Belarusian competitors from contending in view of the intrusion of Ukraine. That implies that the FSR’s Anastasia Mishina and Aleksandr Galliamov will not be able to shield their 2021 title. Last year’s runner up, China’s Sui Wenjing and Han Cong, likewise pulled out from the opposition this year.

Sui and Han won the Gold two by two skating at the 2022 Winter Olympics. With the safeguarding World and Olympic gold medalists out of the opposition, we could likewise see a first-time champion in quite a while skating occasion too.

Which Country Has the Most Figure Skating World Championships?
Since beginning in the late nineteenth 100 years, the Figure Skating World Championships have just been dropped an aggregate of multiple times. Over the 100 or more long periods of rivalry, nations’ assets have become evident. The US has 56 complete gold awards at Worlds, with the greater part of their prosperity coming in singles contest. Russian competitors, where under the pennant of the FSR, USSR, or the Russian banner, seem to enjoy the benefit two by two and ice moving.

The USA has 26 gold decorations at Worlds in the men’s singles occasion, the greater part of any country. Austria (22) and Sweden (15) balance the main 3. Germany’s Gilbert Fuchs won the very first Worlds rivalry in 1896. Ulrich Salchow from Sweden has won the occasion multiple times, the most over the top of all time. Notwithstanding, Austria’s Karl Schafer has the most back to back triumphs with seven. Last year, Nathan Chen won the occasion for the US.

2014 Medalists of Women Figure Skating

USA’s progress in singles rivalry likewise stretches out to the ladies’ singles occasion. The US has won the occasion a record multiple times. Norway (10) and Germany (9) are a far off second and third. Each of the 10 of Norway’s gold awards were won in successive years by Sonja Henie. Henie has the most decorations and most continuous successes in the occasion. Last year’s champ, the FSR’s Anna Shcherbakova, is banned from contest this year.

The FSR cleared the ladies’ singles occasion a year ago. Be that as it may, Russia’s actual predominance has come in group rivalries. Russia has the most gold awards two by two (34) and ice moving (29). Germany (18) and Canada (12) have likewise done well acquiring gold decorations two by two skating. In the mean time, the UK (17) and France (7) balance the main 3 gold decoration getters in ice dance.

Regardless of the outcome of the FSR last year, we are ensured to have another top dog this year. Both winning groups in the matches and ice dance contests are prohibited from contending in the 2022 Worlds.

What Are the awards?
Contenders at the World Figure Skating Championship are skating for something beyond private brilliance. The main six rivals in every occasion will get a monetary reward. A country’s presentation will likewise be utilized to decide passage amounts at the following year’s occasion.

Last year, an aggregate of $868,000 in prize cash was given out. The monetary reward sums have not been reported during the current year’s opposition. Nonetheless, we can accept they ought to be like the year before. The main six skaters are given monetary rewards, with the majority of the cash going to the best three skaters or groups.

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